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SERVICE - Wired Network Engineering services

WEB.Rise is able to offer the complete portfolio of engineering services to deploy any kind of wired network (optical backbone, access networks, MAN, IP broadband networks) from initial planning to final acceptance and commissioning. WEBRise extrends its competence to structured cabling and building automation systems

Network Planning

•  Geomarketing analysis.
•  Preliminary Network design.

Detailed physical network design

•  Field route analisys
•  Permit management

Point of Presence Design

•  Infrastructure design
•  Power systems design
•  Security systems design
•  Building Management systems design
•  Structured cabling systems design

Network Design

•  Transport and access network design
•  LAN and WAN design
•  IP network design

Project Management

•  Project procedures definition
•  Schedule Management
•  Organisation and resource management
•  Quality Management and Cost control
•  Communication and reporting management
•  Logistics management

Implementation Management
•  Equipment commissioning
•  Acceptance Tests management

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